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Express your love, care and concern.
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Love, Care, Concern for Humanity

Where blood is red,
Tears flow alike,
Hearts throb with noble passions,
Brains work towards genius results,
Yet, full in agreement, we remain all so different,
Yet all so very similar !                                       What is Love…

A world wherein,
Mother loves the same,
Father slogs to leave a legacy,
Family means kith & kin,
Religion is the staunch belief in the Higher Power,
Culture and traditions followed through generations,
Yet, full in agreement, we remain all so different,
Yet all so very similar !                                       What is Care …

In the world so varied, yet so similar,
Care means the same in any language,
Concern is the same even when deeds and actions differ
Let us all join hands to be Human,
For our beloved human fraternity
With Love, Care, and Concern !!
Not only for the known and near,
Also for the unknown and far away….!!!               What is Concern…

Yet, in full agreement, our actions may differ,
Yet all for a similar cause !

Let us Pledge simply to be HUMAN !                   What is Humanity …

Love the colors of the heart and not the color of skin
Love the tenderness of the thoughts and not the features of face
Love the tallness of humanity and not the height

Care is the feeling; Concern is at its root,
Care not for the how; Be concerned for the Why,
Care not for the next one; Have concern for the far one too…

Concern is like a waterfall,
Falling from humanity,
Flowing with love and
Dropping on actions of care !

Human is the living species of homo sapiens
Humility means modesty & respectfulness
Humanity is kindness & compassion

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