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Geography : Rajkot is located in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The city extends from latitude 23°32 in the North to longitude 70°4 in the East.

Rajkot, the former Capital of the princely state of Saurashtra ( 1948 -56). Rajkot is a district administrative headquarters and a commercial, industrial and education center. Rajkot has now emerged as a major industrial town. It has the rich heritage of ancient civilization and freedom struggle. Rajkot shares many memories with the political as well as cultural history of India.

Father of the Nation, India, Mahatma Gandhi studied and spent his childhood years from where his values rooted in him to be what he has lived and died for. Gandhi has rightly called the city a priceless laboratory for the freedom struggle based on non-violence.

Rajkot is famous for its Bandhani ( tie and dye ), mirror-work, patch work, bead work and embroidery on cotton & silk fabrics. Rajkot also gives an opportunity to buy Gujarati handlooms and handicrafts, which are famous all over India.

Business : Rajkot has a major business of manufacturing submersible pumps to draw water from the grounds. Edible oil from Ground nuts is another major industry developed in the City.

Places to see :
Rotary Dolls Museum : take a “mini world tour” with dolls from all over the world, housed in thematic showcases.
Rotary Midtown Circle : hanging tap with water of heaven flowing out.
Alfred High School :  School  of Mahatma  Gandhi,  a National Monument.
Kaba Gandhi No Delo : Gandhiji's ancestral home which now  houses the Gandhi Smriti, a permanent exhibition.
Rashtriya Shala : founded by Mahatma Gandhi promoting his love for handlooms by teaching and encouraging various kinds of weaving and handicrafts. Here even today cotton fabric is spun on  “charkha”, a wooden spinning wheel for fibers, originally founded and used by Gandhiji. This place is also famous for its patola weaving which is traditionally a very rich, handmade fabric in silk and cotton.
Watson Museum And Library : located in the pleasant Jubilee Garden, the museum is a good introduction to Saurashtra's cultural heritage.
Jagat Mandir : is a beautiful carved temple of Shri. Ramakrishna Paramhansa. It is made of redstones.
Rare migratory winter birds : Ornithologists visit the Nyari Lake, Aji Dam and Lalpari Lake for bird watching during winters.
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