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About the Project  
Why this project Objectives of RDM Conception of the project
Conception of the project

We talk of the world and yet know just nothing of anything of this world except the place we live in. Although the minds are aware of the progressive world in terms of economy at large, current affairs and all that is limited to the electronic & print media for us to know. The question still remains how much do we know of our fellow human beings in our neighbouring cities, countries or continents. How much do we understand our fellow brethren in different parts of this world, which may become instrumental in making our minds grow generous in understanding and thus create a sense of peace world wide.

"This project was conceived with the perspective to offer the city with something meaningful. Something which can remain for all times to come as an icon of global awareness for the enthusiastic generation next;growing to be a responsible citizen of the world tomorrow." However, during the making of this project, the ideas grew & matured in making it a single point of contact for all, not only the future generation, but also for the adults who are the key to mould the futures of the Generation Next ( Gen X ).

An Appeal made to Rotarians World Wide:
To give a form to this vision, Rotary Clubs across the globe were contacted with an appeal to donate an ethnic doll representing some unique feature, culture or tradition of the place.

Rajkot Midtown Rotary Club ( RCRM )’s request was for an ethnic doll from all Rotary Clubs worldwide. Mr. Deepak Agrawal’s e-mail was sent to Rotary clubs worldwide. He had sent to 14,000 clubs some 23,000 e-mails in the first year. This has now risen to over 27,000 clubs and supported with over 100,000 e-mails and is still rising!
And the response has been overwhelmingly generous.

The Rotarians generously accepted the request and immediately started working towards the cause. From the first 12 emails, came the first one – we call it the “Lucky Doll” from where today we have this special Museum as a symbol of universal Love, Care & Sharing.

Nupur Agrawal – A young student donated her time & skills for the window dressing of this museum.

Thus the whole process caught momentum with added enthusiasm.
And a simple idea transformed into a marvellous shape.

With a whopping response of over 1600+ dolls, enough is not the word. The process is still on and appeal to Donate a Doll is still alive.

What can this project Achieve ( Objectives )
This project has made an effort to create this Museum for :
Being aware of the geographical layouts of various countries and its continents
Being aware of the culture, traditions and ethnicity of each race, each region, and each civilization.
Creating awareness as to how geographical climates can make difference in appearances of people in residing in different cities, countries and continents.
Creating awareness as to how different the lands can be to promote a typical opportunity for business & industry.
Creating respect for the differences in people around the world.
The objective in simple words is to create a tolerance, compassion and understanding for human kind around us. The very essential love, care and sharing has to be developed for a peaceful world we all love to live in.

This project has been continuously discussed in the meetings of the Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown with valuable inputs & contribution of ideas from Mr. John Wood from Rotary Club of Somerset Levels and has been unanimously agreed upon to work in unison towards the same in time, spirit and oneness.
Project Achievements
Below given figures are as on February 23rd, 2009 (Rotary’s Birthday).
2,00,000 visitors comprising of slum children, school children & adults have visited the Rotary Dolls Museum.
Dolls received
RCRM has received about 1600+ dolls from various part of world.
Cost of Doll Sent as per the Passport document and freight / courier / postage
RCRM has till date received dolls (which have been gifted) worth USD 120,000/-.
Clubs participated
About 635 Rotary Clubs, from 340 R.I. Districts across 102 Countries have taken part in this project by sending dolls.
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