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  Foreign Language Learning Center  
Foreign Language Learning Center
The endeavour at the RDM is to create a “Global Village” in its true sense and spirit can be accomplished only if there is also a special effort to introduce you to the Foreign and other domestic languages.

In today's age, people migrate to another State or Country and thus their original language turns out to be another dialect all together. Also found are families with mixed origins where Grandparents hail from a different country, Parents from different cultures and children born and residing in yet another country. It thus becomes imperative to understand different languages.

The Language Library at the RDM has more than 40 foreign and over 10 Indian Languages that can be learnt by the students. This is a self-paced computer-based Language center. So it avoids any embarrassment of making mistakes while learning a new language. This creates encouragement for the student to practice the words, pronounce them and learn easily. It has an audio based system to capture the exact pronounciation of the words and a speaker attached to practice your own pronounciations.

As a part of Vocational & Community Services we have started the Foreign Language Learning Centre ( FLLC ) at the RDM from October 2004. Our objective has been to get people introduced to a new language. It is a self-paced, computer based learning.

FLLC was launched through press notes in all local & state newspapers and flyers in the exhibitions. Right from the beginning we have been receiving an encouraging response mainly from entrepreneurs, businessmen, & students who aspire to study abroad. Also local newspaper publishers and schools contact us regularly if they want any help on any particular language.

This center caters to any individual who is :

Traveling abroad for business or as a tourist
Student aspiring to study abroad
Relocate or migrate to another domestic city or foreign country
Simply interested in learning a new language
Preparing you Language project for the School assignment
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