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Inauguration Ceremony FLLC Rag picker Children’s visit at RDM
Rag Pickers in Rajkot

The population in the city of Rajkot is estimated to be 1.8 million.
The children from the city slums or communities in the interior rural pockets around the city of Rajkot have been identified to be the under-privileged. The population of these under-privileged children is estimated to be over 30,000.

These underprivileged children, known as the Rag pickers, go out early each day and forage for waste bottles, metal, plastics and rags. Their collections are then taken by their mothers to the scrap merchants and exchanged for money. Bottles are worth about 2 Rupees per kilogram (2.5pence UK or 4.25 cents US) just to give you some idea of the rates of pay for this task.

The RCRM has been serving these children through their various community service projects. The RCRM’s mobile van picks up these children from their residences to bring them to an adopted school. Here these children are assisted for a clean bath and get them dressed in clean clothes. Thereafter they are taken to camps for education or sometimes for a fun & informative trip to places like the Museum, Planetarium or for an educative lesson in the school.

Rag Picker Children'visit at RDM Rag Picker Children'visit at RDM

“The images of these children show that Rotary cares about the education, hope and happiness of the poorest children in our world.
Education is the key to poverty eradication.
Education allows for and encourages everyone to achieve their full potential during their lifetime..”
Rtn. John Wood D1200 International Service Chairman


Here you can see the smiles on these children while they are happily rocking on the Rocking Zebra which their friends from England have sent for them. This is a part of the RCRM’s “Bring a Smile” movement towards the Community Service for the Rag Pickers.

This is an on-going weekly activity that the RCRM with the RDM staff works on.
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