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Cinematheque :
One of the most favorite features of the RDM is the Cinematheque. Children, after having enjoyed the guided tour of the museum and had their hearts fun filled with the wonderful world of dolls, they look forward to watching a movie!!!
The purpose of having a Cinematheque also has been to impart something as pleasurable and knowledgeable as the dolls from world over. If all Museums have to be alike what is the great idea in visiting one similar!
The Cinematheque has two fold purposes.
For widening General Knowledge and get information for school projects as & when required.
For fun and entertainment.

I hear, I understand,
I read, I comprehend,
I see, I believe.
I see and hear, I remember…..!!!!

For Widening General Knowledge
What better media than a movie to teach culture, moral ethics, wonders of the world, general knowledge about different countries and its cultures, wildlife, fauna and flora …all in a cinema at the Rotary Dolls Museum. We have a whole collection of CDs from Britannica, Discovery Channel, National Geography and other Multimedia educational CDs. This can be effectively used by teachers and parents and also can organize special sessions for project work to teach one or multiple topics to the children.

For Fun and Entertainment

While you are at in the world of dolls, children also get an opportunity to see their favorite fables, folk stories, cartoon films and fairy tales.
However, this is not it. To capture the interest of the localities we use the local, national and the internationally accepted languages namely Gujarati, Hindi and English.

Even the adults escorting the children to the Museum, sit through the movie and really enjoy themselves in reminiscence of their good old childhood days.
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