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Foreign Language Learning Centre (FLLC)
Museum with a difference Children Creativity Centre (CCC)
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Children Creativity Centre (CCC) :

As a joint Rotary Centenary Project, Somerset Levels and Rajkot Midtown have applied for a matching grant (MGA # 52066) for a total of US$32,500 in order that we can develop this museum into an Educational Centre mainly for the underprivileged children. This Dolls Museum and CCC is going to be magnificent, the like of which will be unique in the world, truly it will be a tribute to Rotary International and all it’s members in this it’s centennial year and hopefully for many years to come.

The object of the CCC is to initially provide the following facilities for the under privileged children : -
Education for poor children
Develop alternative employment opportunities for the poor children
Awareness drug related abuse
Protected Cyber Space mainly for the poor children
Mobile Toy Van
Mobile Library
The object of the CCC is to provide the following opportunities for the school going children :
Library of Books, & Maps - International, National & Regional
Cultural workshop on customs, life styles & importance of dolls in various International & Indian regions.
Country Weeks – Geographical, ethnical, cultural & customary presentation of Dolls of that Country / Region.
Workshops on Theatre and Fine Arts
» Sculpting & Clay modeling
» Collage & Paper Mache
» Origami-Japanese art of making models with paper
» Puppets & Doll Making
» Drawing & Designing Cartoons
» Story Writing / Creating a story book with pictures
Workshops on Dramatics & Music
Various Art work Competitions – like Doll Making, Sculpting, Drama, Floats, Dress Designing, Doll Accessories etc.

Doll Camps & Play House

Doll Exchange Programs – Tie-up with International, National & Regional organizations.

Unique training to build future Rotarians
Youth Exchange
Finishing school

Foreign Language Learning Center with it’s customs & manners.
( FLLC )


Also there shall be a Cinematheque for children visiting the museum which can see a small documentary on inventions of the world, countries, culture, environment, folk stories, fables, etc.
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